The Game-Changing Entrepreneur Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry with Mindset and Empowerment

MEET Lisa Giles







I'm Lisa Giles, a hairstylist with 12 years of experience. My journey from France to the USA has been a pursuit of a dream to make a significant impact in the beauty industry. My passion for hair has driven me to create the first educational app designed for hairstylists - "Straight Out of Cosmo." This app aims to provide affordable, attainable, and accessible education, empowering beauty professionals to realize their full potential and break free from traditional labels.

As the CEO of Straight Out of Cosmo, I've partnered with hairstylists to provide them with the tools and knowledge to enhance their skills, mindset, and businesses. The app offers a comprehensive education platform, including step-by-step tutorials on the latest trends and expert techniques shared by seasoned hairstylists, all easily accessible at any time. The app also provides a supportive community, as evidenced by the positive feedback and engagement from users who have found inspiration and growth through the platform.

In addition to my work in the beauty industry, I'm a successful content creator, using my platform to share my experiences and knowledge. I've even launched a groundbreaking podcast called "The Fuck You Mentality," reflecting my unapologetic and fearless approach to sharing my successes, struggles, and experiences, aiming to inspire and motivate my audience.

My dedication to the professional development of hairstylists and my unyielding entrepreneurial spirit are evident in my work and the impact I've made in the industry. My expertise, combined with the innovative app and engaging content, has positioned me as a leader and a source of inspiration for beauty professionals looking to elevate their careers.