Brace yourself, because this is not your average podcast. It's a sanctuary where like-minded individuals gather to challenge the norms, break free from limitations, and unleash their truest potential with a resounding "f*ck you" to anything that holds them back

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It’s Lisa G - an unapologetic self made entrepreneur who’s here to expose all the secrets to creating your own success.

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Balance isn't suppose to be once size fits all.

Samantha (@samanthasbeautyconfessions) and I talk about balance - the biggest topic of them all.

How I became a bi-coastal stylist

Giving you all the dirty deets on how I did it - how I became a bi-coastal stylist.

Adhd talks.

Today we're talking all things ADHD and how it affects our day to day

I was broke 2 months ago.

I dead ass was broke as hell 2 months ago. didn't have enough money to pay my rent, let alone grab groceries.yet I'm "successful"...

what the people are sayin’


“I found this podcast after following Lisa on insta. Being a hairstylist is hard and lonely sometimes. She makes you feel not so alone. She makes you feel like you matter and she actually makes you think.

Thank you Lisa”

what the people are sayin’


“..what sets this podcast apart is the actionable advice and strategies it offers. These episodes aren't just about inspiration; they provide practical steps that you can implement in your own life, right here, right now. It's like having a personal mentor guiding you through the ups and downs of your own journey.

what the people are sayin’


“Through this podcast, I've learned that growth is messy, uncomfortable, and sometimes downright scary. But it's also beautiful, transformative, and rewarding beyond measure. The "Fuck You Mentality" podcast reminds us that we have the power within us to create the lives we desire, to stand tall in the face of adversity, and to rewrite the rules that bind us.”

what the people are sayin’


“When I stumbled upon this podcast, I felt an instant connection—a sense that I had finally found a community of like-minded souls who understood the desire to defy societal norms and carve our own paths. And let me tell you, this podcast goes above and beyond in delivering the goods.”

Welcome to the extraordinary world of the "Fuck You Mentality" podcast. Get ready for a wild ride. This ain't your average podcast; it's a sanctuary where badass souls like you gather to break through conformity, kick limitations to the curb, and unleash your raw power with a thunderous "fuck you" to anything that tries to hold you back.

Here, we embrace a mindset that sets your soul ablaze, empowering you to live life on your terms without compromise. We're boldly relentless in our pursuit of personal growth and self-improvement. In this sacred space, we champion your untamed authenticity, embrace your fearless spirit, and fuel the unwavering belief that you damn well have the power to create the life you've always craved.

At the "Fuck You Mentality" podcast, we walk the walk, not just talk the talk. We dive deep into the awe-inspiring journeys of remarkable individuals who've shouted "fuck you" at suffocating societal expectations, shattered the chains of self-doubt, and conquered their deepest fears. From their incredible stories, we'll unearth priceless insights, tangible strategies, and a badass mindset that fuels their relentless pursuit of dreams and ambitions.

But don't expect us to leave you hanging with fluffy, feel-good talk. No way, amigo. We're all about ACTION. We'll guide you through the nitty-gritty steps and practical advice you can grab by the horns and apply to your own life right away. Brace yourself for challenges that push you out of your comfort zone, compel you to stand tall against your fears, and welcome the beautiful chaos that comes with growth. Together, we're breaking barriers, tearing down the shackles that've held you back for far too long, and unlocking your untapped potential.

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